Small and big adventures in Värnamo!

Examples of activities near:

  • Moose park
  • Adventure on Isaberg, High altitude course, mountain bike, Segway, canoe
  • Padel - here are several nice courses, both indoors and outdoors
  • GolfHigh Chaparral - Wild West
  • Several cycle paths, both mtb and country road
  • Store Mosse (Big moss)
  • Canoeing in lagan river
  • Miniature golf
  • Museum
  • Moose safari
  • Homeland park

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Moose Park

Here you meet stately moose and have the chance to get really close to the moose. Several photo towers along the audience area that are adapted for the disabled. Feel free to come at the morning feed at 10.00. Then the moose are especially active and easy to photograph and film!

Älgpark-LAGANLAND located directly on the E4, 10 km north of Ljungby (Småland).
Turn off the E4 at exit 81 LAGANLAND. (Follow signs at the E4.) Entrance / entrance via Laganland Turistbyrå & Sweden Shop.

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Adventure mountain Isaberg for the whole family

Exciting and fun activities - Isaberg Mountain Resort
At Äventyrsberget Isaberg there are all opportunities for fun and exciting activities for the whole family - both for a short visit and a longer holiday. And all year round for free! Most activities are based on the Sports Center, which is located in the Isaberg arena.

Welcome to this summer's great adventure, High Chaparral!

High Chaparral is an amusement park unlike any other.
A visit here is an experience for all the senses. As you enter through the gates of this world, you leave reality (as you know it) for a moment. This is an experience for all ages. In the Wild West, you never get old!
Time to book this summer's great adventure. A world full of captivating shows, fascinating heroes and villains, the smell of gunpowder, saloons with good food and drink and lots of other experiences. So put on your boots, saddle the horse and load the powder gun. Because now you're in the Wild West.
When you are at High Chaparral, you must not miss a ride on the train. Exciting experience with train robbers and a lot of bang bang!

Find the way to High Chaparral
From Hotel Vidöstern in Värnamo you can easily get to the park by car or Taxi, it takes about 25 minutes by car. We are located right along road 27, which means that you avoid all the hassle of finding and getting in and out of town.

Beautiful hiking trails

Store Mosse - National Park - choose a coffee basket to take out on the bog
Make a visit to Southern Sweden's largest bog area with impressive expanses.
With about 40 km of hiking trails, it is possible to feel the real hiking. You do hiking both in the woods and out on the bog. Real boots are preferable, as it is wet in some places. It is also possible to go with snowshoes on the bog, then you can go straight out over the bog and it can feel exciting.

Nature room - hiking trails in beautiful nature
In nature, Store Moss' cozy meeting place, there is something for both children and adults. Inside the panoramic window you can look out towards lake Kävsjön and view the bird life from the first floor. If you are more of the slightly cozy type, you can sit on the sheepskins by the fireplace and read a book.
Here you can also follow the change of landscape through millennia in the permanent exhibition.

Millennium by millennium, you can follow how the landscape has changed in step with climate fluctuations and the migration of plants and animals, including humans. It is also possible to test the knowledge of the Swedish right of public access, feel Granis (the stuffed Granfjällsbjörnen) fur and look at animal skeletons, play games and puzzle. Feel free to bring your own coffee and food to do a barbecue outside nature.

Play golf in Värnamo

We work close together with the golf clubs Värnamo GK, Götaströms GK, Isaberg GK - 
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