Peaceful nature and beautiful hiking trails

Store Mosse - National Park - choose a coffee basket to take out on the bog
Make a visit to Southern Sweden's largest bog area with impressive expanses.
With about 40 km of hiking trails, it is possible to feel the real hiking. You do hiking both in the woods and out on the bog. Real boots are preferable, as it is wet in some places. It is also possible to go with snowshoes on the bog, then you can go straight out over the bog and it can feel exciting.

Natur room
In nature, Store Moss' cozy meeting place, there is something for both children and adults. Inside the panoramic window you can look out towards Kävsjön and view the bird life from the first floor. If you are more of the slightly cozy type, you can sit on the sheepskins by the fireplace and read a book.
Here you can also follow the change of landscape through millennia in the permanent exhibition.
Millennium by millennium, you can follow how the landscape has changed in step with climate fluctuations and the migration of plants and animals, including humans. It is also possible to test the knowledge of the Swedish right of public access, feel Granis (the stuffed Granfjällsbjörnen) fur and look at animal skeletons, play games and puzzle. Feel free to bring your own coffee and food to do a barbecue outside nature.

Store Mosse National Park
After a day at Store Mosse, it can be nice to come back to the hotel and shower and maybe sit for a while in the sauna, and then round off the evening with a meal in our restaurant.

Vandalorum - Museum of Art and Design
Visit Vandalorum and stay with us at Hotell Vidöstern.
Take the opportunity to visit our fantastic museum Vandalorum which is within easy walking distance of us.
For more info about Vandalorum visit

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