Conference with good service!

Job meetings
Are you also a little too available during your meetings with the management team or the like? From my own experience, I know that it can sometimes be a little too easy to be available when you have your meetings at the workplace. Why not place them close but still away? Here we have meeting rooms in different sizes that can be suitable for a management group, a customer meeting or why not a job interview that is not suitable to have in the workplace.
We also make sure that you are not hungry in the meantime.

The Little conference

Small meeting - job interview
If you need to find a place for the small meeting, we are a very good choice! It is easy to find here and we have large, free parking right at the entrance. Sales meeting, regional meeting, job interview or maybe just a meeting on the way between colleagues. We have the opportunity to receive you and arrange the food, drink and seating that you need!

Big conference

Bigger conferences
We are happy to tailor a conference package for larger groups. The package can also be combined with lunch or dinner in our restaurant.
Large conferences for more than 20 participants - contact us for a price
If you need accommodation in connection with your conference, we can also give you a good offer there.
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